Welcome to the Umoja Women’s Web Site, set up by the  foundation designated as the official representative in the United States for the Umoja Women’s Village located near Archers Post in Northern Kenya.  

The Umoja Womens Fund, a 501c3 non-profit, has collected funds to benefit the Umoja women through donations and the sale of their beaded items. We have supported projects selected by the women. These projects have included scholarships for the young girls, teachers salaries and lunches for the Umoja pre-school, a fresh water project, and most recently, a health care project and support for entrepreneurial training conducted by BOMA  .  

All who have supported the work of the foundation are volunteers and have received no income for their work.

If you read the news items on the left, you will see the past work of the foundation. Also, you will read that today the number of full time residents in Umoja consists of no more than about 20 women.  Our foundation has decided that in order to better serve a greater number of Samburu women, we would  direct your support to the BOMA Project .

We ask that all further donations go to The BOMA Project who has helped women in Umoja and the surrounding communities participate in a two-year poverty graduation program that helps them establish a sustainable business so that they can feed and educate their children and accumulate savings for emergencies and long-term planning.  BOMA provides seed capital grants and two years of business, life skills and savings training as well as sustained mentoring and coaching by locally trained leaders.








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Samburu Women  Receive Health Care

Women from Umoja and Unity make regular visits to the new Doctor in Archers Post.  They bring their coughs, their dysentery, their malaria, and most importantly they bring their children. 

Community Projects at Umoja Funded through 2015  Donations and on-line sales enable the Umoja Women’s Fund to fully fund health, education,  and clean water.

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Changes at Umoja Village  Since its formation in 1990, Umoja has had as many as 60 inhabitants. Today only 20 or so women live there.                                               READ MORE

BOMA targets current and former members of Umoja  The Umoja Women’s Fund has partnered with the BOMA Project to give the women  business skills training and the opportunity for a sustainable future.

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The Umoja Uaso Women's fund. Inc. is a non-profit organization that qualifies under the IRS section 501c3

        Email:info@umojawomen.net    Phone:  202-256-9380     Website:www.umojawomen.net