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It is a monster, it rises out of the dust in the middle of Umoja Village and it has changed the lives of many. Two years ago, with funds from the sales of their products in the United States through the Umoja Women's Fund, the village of Umoja installed a pipeline to connect them to treated water from Archers Post, the nearby town.  This was good, but water only reached the village a few days a week.  The other days, they used the filthy water from the Uaso River.  This  was time consuming, unhealthy, and dangerous to collect.  Now, when the water does run, the 8,000 liter tank fills up and stores it for future use. 

This was a huge project and literally took a village to build it.  It is  well built, with a very sturdy foundation. The total cost was close to $3,000.  We are grateful to our generous donors, especially the Jamner and Ellsworth families who contributed significantly to this project.  A big  thank you to a special group of  students from Colorado State, Fort Collins, CO, who spent part of their summer near Umoja.  Under the leadership of their Prof. Brett Bruyere, they spent long hours in the hot sun digging a hole and preparing it for its concrete slab.

While the village does have treated water, it comes at a high price, $400 per month.  This is exorbitant!....and beyond what the sale of beaded items can bring.  A bore hole, or well, could eliminate this cost but such a project costs about $45,000.

The Umoja Women’s Fund has taken steps to study the possibility of drilling a well in or near the village of Umoja.  Several challenges exist to find the placement for such a well that ensures maximum usage, community cooperation, maintenance, and the proper soil.

The Umoja Uaso Women's Fund is also working in conjunction with Water is Life - Kenya to help facilitate the rehabilitation of the existing water pipeline service from Buffalo Springs to Archer's Post, including structures and management, in order to efficiently serve not only the Umoja Uaso Woman's Village but a much larger group of impoverished Samburu people living in the Archers Post area than currently have access to drinkable water. Drought is an on-going reality in this region of Northern Kenya and our goal is to be able to allow access to clean, usable water for a population of over 10,000 people and 100,000 animals. The problems are complex but some of the solutions to solving these problems are relatively simple and acceptable to the people involved and they are already working to make the necessary changes. Water is Life-Kenya in partnership with the Umoja Uaso Woman's Fund will be spearheading this effort, compiling a detailed report on different aspects of the water situation in the Archer's Post region, with prioritized actions and budget.

In the meantime, we need donations to keep the treated water running into Umoja.

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