Run: The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise

If you wish to burn fats, you can do so right away. You don’t need any fancy equipment, pills, or gym membership to do it. Just lace up your shoes and start running. It is the ultimate fat burning exercise as you can use up more calories compared to virtually every other activity. You can choose the intensity and duration to suit your fitness. You can do it anywhere at any time in your regular clothes. You can also do it alone or with friends, so there is really no excuse. Start whenever you want to. Start right now and be on your way towards natural, sustainable weight loss.

Use the Whole Body

One of the reasons why running is so effective is that it uses the whole body. It may seem like runners only use their legs but if you try it for the first time in a while, you will notice that your arms, shoulders, and even your back can get a bit sore. After all, you are propelling your whole body forward while swinging your arms for balance and momentum. You are holding up your torso upright to breathe as much air as possible. Your legs skip up in the air in quick succession. The heart needs to beat fast to supply blood to the extremities.

Go Slow and Steady

In order to help with the fat burning, it is best to run slow and steady for longer. Trying to run too fast will quickly deplete you of glucose which will result in the dreaded bonk. It will be hard to continue for much longer as you may feel light-headed and low on energy. If you are able to run within your means, then you should be able to cover long distances just using your body’s stored fats as fuel. This can take a bit of getting used to but stick with it. The rewards are worth the effort.

Notes on Nutrition

Be sure to eat well to recover from your efforts. This is important if you wish to continue the program for a long time and achieve lasting results plexus reviews xyz. You need not go on a crash diet. Instead of restricting the quantity to an extreme, simply shift your attention to healthier alternatives. Decrease your intake of sugared drinks and alcohol. Drink plenty of water instead throughout the day, having a bottle constantly at your desk for ease of reach. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume. Fruits are the best fast food you can buy.